“Andouille” from Béarn

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“Andouille” from Béarn

Our “andouille” from Béarn is famous for its unique taste, it is also the most popular in the region.

A rare and typical Southwestern product, our Béarnaise andouille sausage comes from a traditional local recipe. Ancestral know-how that gives this charcuterie an inimitable taste. Well known to gourmets, Andouille Béarnaise is composed only of blanched pork belly, dried then chopped and strung in a natural gut.

“Andouille” from Béarn is refined with the old one: it dries not less than 12 weeks and is then annealed in a broth of vegetables. This typical Southwestern recipe owes its notoriety to a well-kept secret, a perfect seasoning that will conquer you. This mixture is simple, however, salt, pepper and spices, but the dosage is the key.

Tasting tip : cut into thin slices like sausage or cold starter on a plate of charcuterie. Can be consumed with butter as an accompaniment for the most greedy. But make no mistake, Andouille Béarnaise is also available in hot dishes! It is indeed excellent as an accompaniment on sandwiches of a good fried mushroom for example, or with a velouté of pumpkin. Our traditional andouille will know all your dishes.



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“Andouille” from Béarn

Composition : Pork belly, salt, spices.

Weight : 300 grams
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