Coppa of Southwestern Pork PGI*

Maison du Jambon de Bayonne, le savoir-faire et le goût

Coppa of Southwestern Pork PGI*

Our coppa is sliced ​​delicately into thin slices and packaged in a tray. This charcuterie with Southwestern Pork PGI* was particularly attentive: it was boned then seasoned with a salt and pepper mixture to bring out all the aromas of the meat, then to be dried and refined minimum eight weeks. A refinement in our dryers that allows to obtain a charcuterie with a strong taste. This coppa recipe as in Italy is sublimated by the know-how of the Southwest of La Maison du jambon de Bayonne. A tray contains 20 slices.

Ideal for picnics, sandwiches, …



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Coppa of Southwestern Pork PGI*

*PGI : Protected Geographical Indication

Enjoy our slice of 20 slices of PGI coppa for your meals with family or friends. Ideal and practical to go out for the aperitif, accompanied by a fruity red wine. Delight your guests with a Southwestern specialty. Our coppa can also be fried to decorate pasta or risotto, but also your raclettes!

Ingredients: South West PGI pork loin *, salt, spices, dextrose, sugar, natural flavors, preservative: saltpeter, herbs, antioxidant: ascorbic acid.

Weight : 150 to 180 g

Price : 27.90 €/kg

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