“Filet Mignon” dried with Espelette pepper

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“Filet Mignon” dried with Espelette pepper

Filet mignon of dried tickle with Espelette pepper to taste cut very fine as an aperitif or salad “of the soil”. This dried filet mignon is sweet and does not sting, it is suitable for all tastes. Espelette pepper slightly raises the taste of meat to give it an inimitable flavor.

The filet mignon is a quality piece: indeed it is a particularly thin piece. Located near the lumbar vertebrae, not far from the ham. Very popular gourmet deli meats, it is tender and succulent to perfection.

Dried about three months and rubbed with Espelette pepper, this charcuterie from the Southwest will conquer you!




per kg

“Filet Mignon” dried with Espelette pepper

Sow filet mignon, salt, spices, powdered Espelette red chili pepper (0.2%), dextrose, sugar, natural flavors, perservative : salpeter, aromatic plant, antioxydant : ascorbic acid.

Weight : 110g to 120 g

Price : 24.90 €/kg

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