Fleur de sel from the South West 125g

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Fleur de sel from the South West 125g

Convenient in cooking and unbreakable, this 125g box of South West Fleur de Sel will always be close at hand. The incomparable whiteness and lightness of this South West Fleur de Sel will do wonders. Sprinkle it just before tasting on your grilled meats, red meats, fish, salads, foie gras and vegetables…

What is Fleur de Sel? Under the effect of the sun and the wind, fine and light petals appear on the surface of the Salines basin. Harvested by hand, it is naturally white and fragile, and is appreciated by gourmets for its fine and delicate taste.


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100% natural product Ingredients: 100% South West Fleur de Sel

Conservation advice: Fleur de sel is a natural, untreated product that can clump together. Store in a dry place in its packaging.

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