Pork’s Graisserons 180gr

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Pork’s Graisserons 180gr

Our pork greases are made with pork from France. Grissons also called “chichons” of pork, this recipe is an incentive to travel in the traditions of the Southwest. This traditional recipe follows the recipes of yesteryear. Indeed the pieces of fat and lean that make up the grisserons have simply returned to a pot with seasoning. Then, the mixture is coarsely chopped to allow the grinders to deliver all their aromas once in the mouth. A simple and delicious recipe for a local product that has been consumed for many generations.

Find all the know-how and flavors of the Southwest in this verrine.



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Pork’s Graisserons 180gr

Ingredients : Fat and lean pork from France, salt, spices.

Price : 14.72 €/kg.

Weight : 180gr

Tasting tip : serve fresh. After opening, keep your jar of grease cool and consume quickly.
For 6 persons.

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