Whole Bayonne ham dry with bone (7,5 kg)

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Whole Bayonne ham dry with bone (7,5 kg)

Choose excellence with our whole Bayonne ham, the emblem of our house. Traditional and ancestral culinary product of our region, our raw ham is recognized and certified PGI since 1998. This certification ensures transparency of the breeding to the transformation for the consumer since the PGI Bays regulated by a strict specifications. All our Whole Hams undergo a final boring step before you arrive. Indeed, at the end of its ripening, the dry Ham passes into the hands of “noses” which will define its taste quality.


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Dry ham with whole bone of Bayonne 7,5 kg

Composition: Pork leg, Salies-de-Béarn salt, sugar, preservative: saltpeter.

Maturation : 10 months minimum.

Weight: about 7.5 kilos
Price: 12.40 € / kg

A whole dry Ham with bone PGI developed according to traditional South West principles.
First, our whole raw hams are salted. That is to say, they are rubbed with salt Salies-de-Béarn and then covered and placed in the salt. Then comes the resting phase where our whole hams are suspended in “rest room”. Later will be the drying in our dryers, where our hams to the bone begins here a long maturation. This step optimizes the undisputed flavor, aroma, and sweetness of our Bayonne ham. Once our ham is dried, it will be panné. What is pannage? It is the application on the muscular parts of the ham of a mixture of pork fat and flour. This protective layer ensures a softer and more homogeneous drying of the ham during the long period of ripening that follows.
Finally, the last step, here our Bayonne Hams are matured. At present, our Hams will gain in flavor and balance. A subtle and delicate aroma wafts the surrounding air … After a survey conducted by the “nose”, whole dried hams that have passed positively all the different stages of selection will be branded with the seal “Bayonne”, the Lauburu. Thus, for generations, our Bayonne ham continues to delight the taste buds gourmets.

Weight7.7 kg

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