Slices of “Jésus”

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Slices of “Jésus”

Jesus sliced ​​finely and packed in a tray. What is the “Jesus”? It is a large sausage, traditional Lyonnaise charcuterie. It is made in the bag, a large casing, wider than that used for the traditional dry sausage. Our Jesus is dried and refined for eight weeks. It is its ripening and the particular gut that is used that gives Jesus all his aroma.

The quality of the meat used in the elaboration of “Jesus” is important. At La Maison du Ham in Bayonne, the pork meat is certified IGP pork from the South West, and we strive to create and produce recipes sausages content little fat.

In this tray of “Jesus” is 20 slices of charcuterie.


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Slices of “Jésus”

Ingredients : Lean and fat pork from the South West IGP *, salt, lactose, dextrose, pepper, spice, aromatic plant, preservative: saltpetre, lactic ferments.

Tasting advice : for cold appetizers, appetizers, tapas or assorted raclette! Once the tray is open, place it in the refrigerator and quickly consume the remaining slices.

*PGI : Protected Geographical Indication

Weight : 130 g

Price : 27.90€/kg

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