Lot of Fleur de sel 70g (2x70gr)

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Lot of Fleur de sel 70g (2x70gr)

Under the effect of the sun and the wind, small, thin petals appear on the surface of the salt pans and they create the « fleur de sel ». It results from the first crystallization and it is handpicked.

Naturally white, the « fleur de sel » is appreciated by the Gourmets.


per kg

A 70g jar of Fleur de Sel and a 70g jar of Fleur de Sel with Espelette Pepper (95% Fleur de Sel – 5% Espelette Pepper)

Fleur de Sel : NB: “fleur de sel” refers to small, thin petals that appear on top of the salt pans during the evaporation stage of the salt-making process

Keep away from humidity – product may desiccate.

Weight : 140 g

Price : 35.70 €/kg


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