Quarter of Bayonne ham PGI 18 months of maturation

Maison du Jambon de Bayonne, le savoir-faire et le goût

Quarter of Bayonne ham PGI 18 months of maturation

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Taste the divine taste of 18 months of ripening. Once opened, wrap it in a dry kitchen towel and store it in the vegetable compartment of your fridge.

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Quarter of Bayonne ham PGI* 18 months of maturation

*PGI : Protected Geographical Indication

“Manex” pigs locally farmed in the Basque Country. These pigs have been farmed for a minimum of 9 months, until they weigh about 180kgs. The ham is then dried and matured for a minimum of 18 months after which it weighs between 8 and 9kgs.

Pork leg, Salies-de-Béarn salt, sugar, preservative : saltpeter.

Maturation: 18 months minimum.

Weight : 1.820 kg
Price : 22,60€/kg

Weight2 kg

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