Salies-de-Béarn salt bag 500g

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Salies-de-Béarn salt bag 500g

This 500g sachet of coarse salt is ideal for daily use. Salies-de-Béarn salt, a real flavor enhancer, is used in cooking for cooking dishes. Coarse salt is perfectly suited in the kitchen for cooking meat, poultry and fish, but also for salting boiling water. Take advantage of the daily benefits of 100% natural source salt which has had its Protected Geographical Indication since 2016. This coarse salt is obtained by evaporation of spring water, 10 times more salty than sea water!



per kg

Salies-de-Béarn salt bag 500gr PGI*

PGI* : Protected Geographical Indication

Salies-de-Béarn  Table salt. Keep away from humidity – This product may desiccate

The salt from Salies-de-Béarn is natural, it receives no treatment and it may agglomerate.

Weight : 500 g

Price per kilo : 3.00 €/kg

Weight0.55 kg
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