Southwest Pork PGI Dry Sausage with Sheep’s Cheese

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Southwest Pork PGI Dry Sausage with Sheep’s Cheese

The dry pork sausage from the Southwest with sheep’s cheese is part of our range of sausages and cured meats. Its good taste of cheese makes it unique! Ideal as an aperitif or as a starter, in thin slices, you will discover its full flavor. It is the perfect combination of our traditional dry pork sausage with PGI South West Pork and local sheep’s cheese. The cheese is cut into small pieces and then mixed with our pork. Our know-how combined with our quality raw materials promises traditional charcuterie with a unique taste.



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Southwest Pork PGI* Dry Sausage with Sheep’s Cheese

*PGI : Protected Geographical Indication

As a deli and cheese lover, our dry Southwestern Pork sausage with sheep cheese will delight you. Storage advice: at room temperature or in a clean cloth in the refrigerator to prevent it from drying too quickly. Ingredients: lean and fat pork, sheep cheese (7%), seasoning, lactose, dextrose. Preservative: saltpeter, natural flavors, lactic ferments.

Weight :  approximately 220 grammes
Price : 20,15€/kg

Weight0.230 kg

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