Dry sausage handmade PGI

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Dry sausage handmade PGI

Our artisan dry sausage from the South-West comes from ancestral and traditional recipes. It is made from lean meat and fat from shoulder of South Pork PGI* (exactly 80% lean for only 20% fat). This allows our sausages to be tasty. Delicately seasoned with fine salt and pepper, our pure pork dry sausage will delight you!

It is then dried for 4 to 5 weeks in a dryer. Namely that its casing is natural, and is therefore edible, just like the natural white flower. The latter expresses the atmosphere of our dryer. It allows our sausages to keep as long as possible. Our local charcuteries, and therefore our pure dry sausage from the South West Pork PGI*, are unprocessed dry products. This allows our cured products easy storage at room temperature.

Tasting tip: thinly sliced ​​as an aperitif with semi-salted butter, or cold starter.

*PGI : prtected Geographical Indication

IGP Porc du Sud-Ouest



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Dry sausage handmade PGI*

Ingredients: Lean and fat pork from the South West IGP *, salt, LACTOSE, dextrose, pepper, spice, aromatic plant, preservative: saltpetre, lactic ferments.

*PGI : Protected Geographical Indication

Weight : environ 240 grammes
Price : 21.50 €/kg

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