Protected Geographical Indication, a true guarantee of origin

The Protected Geographical Indication officially guarantees the origin of products that have a history and a tradition in their terroir. It is a sign of quality and origin set up by the European Union in 1992. The Protected Geographical Indication informs consumers about the specific characteristics of products. The registration of this name reserves the use to producers located in the defined geographical area and respecting the production conditions described in the specifications, thus protecting the geographical name against any imitation or usurpation. Since October 1998, Bayonne ham has benefited from the Protected Geographical Indication.


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By obtaining the P.G.I status in May 2013 the pork used needs to respond to specific qualities “born and bred in the South-West” where the breeding is generally in the extension of the cereal activity of the farms.

The exploitation of Salies-de-Béarn salt was resumed in January 2011 by the Bayonne Ham Consortium.

The large salt, rich in trace elements and good for health, has excellent qualities highly appreciated by gourmet food lovers.

In addition to the use of Bayonne ham for salting, a range of table salt: Espelette pepper salt, herbal salt, … was created.

The PGI. Salies de Béarn salt was obtained in June 2016.