Salt from Salies-de-Béarn Museum

Salies-de-Béarn museum is open to the public and allows the later to:

–              Observe the activity of the Salines with a presentation of the different stages from the manufacturing to the crystallization of the salt. Explanatory panels are in open access. Attendees can also see people at work: harvesting salt petals with the dip net …

–              Approach in an interactive way the history of Salines de Salies-de-Béarn: the development of the city, the legend of the boar etc. are presented inside the museum space which can be visited with an audio guide and possibility of translation into English and Spanish.

The visit ends with a tasting of Bayonne ham salted with spring salt Salines de Salies-de-Béarn.

A shop is also present where salt and dry cured meat products are available for purchase.

Horaires d’ouverture

Du lundi au samedi :  10h00-12h / 14h30-18h

Visites audio-guidées : français, anglais et espagnol

Téléphone : 05 59 38 96 90